Mr. Bean is an example of how resilient a dog’s spirit can be. Mr. Bean has been in the shelter before. He was adopted, because he is amazing, but then later returned to the shelter in March due to “lifestyle changes.” Mr. Bean is a very sweet, friendly boy. He gets along with everyone he meets, dogs, puppies, men, women and kids. He walks well on leash, is a very calm car riding buddy, and loves to be pet and cuddle. Mr. Bean knows basic commands and takes treats gently. It’s hard to imagine, but Mr. Beans has been added to the Urgent list. The shelter is over capacity, and Mr. Bean doesn’t show well in his kennel. In spite of all that he’s been through, Mr. Bean continues to be loving and gentle to everyone. Please help give Mr. Bean the life he deserves by adopting, fostering or sharing this post. He’s a really good boy. If you’re an interested Rescue, you can email the Shelter at

Animal ID: #A46322682

Intake Date: 3/25/21

Breed: Chinese Shar-Pei mix

Sex: Male

Age/weight: 1 yr/48 lbs

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