This 10 month old retriever mix is a big ole cuddle bug. His foster mama has nothing but good things to say about him. Remus absolutely loves other dogs and people. He is house-trained and kennel-trained, and he walks great on a leash. Remus adores bath time, and he is also a huge fan of car rides and going places in general. He is well socialized, and he is been taking to several outings with lots of people, including an outdoor concert, and he handled it like a champ. Remus already knows how to sit and lay down, and his foster mom is working on teaching him how to roll over just for fun. Remus still has some puppy in him, so he needs someone who understands that and can be patient with him as he works through the last few months of his puppyhood naughtiness (although so far, his foster mom says he has never chewed on furniture, only small things left out). Remus is happiest when snuggling with his human or dog siblings. This good boy is a real catch. If Remus sounds like he might be your dog in the making, contact us to set up a meet and greet!

Published by allkindabilene

All Kind is a nonprofit organization that seeks to improve animal welfare in the city of Abilene by building a new animal shelter facility, decreasing homeless pet overpopulation through accessible spay/neuter programs, increasing pet retention through expanded foster programming and adoption events, and offering greater education and resources through community outreach.

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