Buttercup here needs a miracle.

Part of a pack of feral puppies, Buttercup had never seen a human until she was somewhere between 6 and 9 months old. That lack of socialization has profoundly affected her development. After a year with a foster family, she is still terrified of people and has made very little progress. Buttercup wanted to be an alpha and push around her littermates, but she is so scared that she’s a weird combination of behaviors. She barks at everyone and everything, but then runs and hides.

Buttercup does not want to be touched. Her current foster mom has to corner her and throw a blanket over her head to do anything with her. She cannot be leashed, but if you catch her and put her in a crate, then she’s fine, but she won’t go in willingly. Buttercup does come inside, but kind of runs around like a chicken with its head cut off like she’s overstimulated. She needs someone who is experienced with under-socialized and fearful dogs to have a chance at life as an indoor dog.

OR, she needs a place to live like the wild animal she thinks she is. (Luckily, she is spayed!) She’s a master hunter, having already killed squirrels and possums. So, if you need some rodent control on your property, she is your gal!

Buttercup’s foster has described her as almost autistic in terms of her special needs and understanding she requires. She needs a very caring individual that has the time and willingness to show her how to trust humans and how to be a good girl.

She is technically a foster of Abilene Animal Services, but can be released to another animal rescue or foster family. Her current foster family does not have the expertise (or space) to provide for her needs.

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