This Sweetie girl lives up to her name. Her foster mom says she has a very calm and sweet demeanor, and she rarely barks. Sweetie is a 2 year old pit mix AKA “nanny dog”, which explains why she is fantastic with their kids, who are 10 and 4. She also gets along great with the foster’s other dog. Sweetie is somewhat interested in their cat, but mostly just ignores her.

When Sweetie first came to stay with her foster, she had some separate anxiety like most dogs coming out of the shelter, but it has already gotten better. She needs some work with basic training and commands, but she does know how to sit and is very food-motivated so she’s ready to learn! Sweetie is kennel trained and house-broken, as well.

Sweetie really is the goodest girl, and she is ready and waiting to make one last move into her forever home. Contact us to set up a meet-and-greet!

Published by allkindabilene

All Kind is a nonprofit organization that seeks to improve animal welfare in the city of Abilene by building a new animal shelter facility, decreasing homeless pet overpopulation through accessible spay/neuter programs, increasing pet retention through expanded foster programming and adoption events, and offering greater education and resources through community outreach.

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