We can judge the heart of a man by his treatment of animals. – Immanuel Kant

Who we are.

All Kind is a non-profit organization in Abilene, TX, made up of individuals who believe that collectively we can raise the bar on animal welfare in our community. We come from all walks of life, we have varied professional backgrounds, and we all have different reasons that we care about our pet population. One thing we do have in common, though, is the firm belief that it is time for change.

Did you know?

Our current animal shelter facility was built in the 1950s as a local pound. Back then, strays were picked up and held long enough to determine if they would be claimed by an owner. After that, they were euthanized. Thankfully, our collective attitude toward homeless pets has changed, and, as so many of us know, a “rescue” pet is one of the best kind. We try to find good homes for these dogs and cats; some of them go to homes here in Abilene and many get transported to rescue groups around the country to states who don’t have pet overpopulation problems like we do and have loving homes waiting for these dogs and cats.

That said, our facility was never intended to provide good quality care to these animals for any amount of time. Our shelter is very difficult to keep clean (which, as you can imagine, has to happen multiple times per day). Our shelter has no sound abatement, which makes it a very noisy and stressful environment for dogs and humans alike. Our shelter does not have adequate medical accomodations. Our shelter is lacking in laundry and dishwashing facilities. Our shelter does not have enough office space for staff, nor does it have a proper lobby for guests looking to adopt.

This is the short list. Our current facility is a very difficult place to be — for dogs, cats and humans. Highly adoptable dogs that come in to our facility often become less adoptable the longer they stay here due to stress and lack of social interaction. Staff turnover is high, and it is not from lack of caring. For these reasons (and many more), one of our number one priorities is to work with the City of Abilene to build a new animal shelter facility that we can all be proud of.

What else?

In addition to having a new animal shelter facility, we want to reduce the number of dogs and cats that end up in the shelter altogether. The absolute best thing we can do to reduce homeless pet overpopulation is — yep, you guessed it! — SPAY AND NEUTER! Bob Barker from “The Price is Right” has been telling us for decades, and now it’s time to take his advice and spay and neuter our pets. We want to make this process easier, more affordable and overall more accessible to our community by working with local vets to improve the voucher program, as well as offering spay/neuter clinics to the public.

We also want to improve pet retention in our community, so that pets who have homes get to stay in those homes rather than end up in the shelter. Community outreach is essential to this mission, whether that be providing resources to help families get through financial tight spots, expanding the foster program to make better matches, training and education to help families work through behavioral problems, or offering microchip clinics to make sure lost pets can be reunited with their owners.

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