We feature dogs that are currently in foster care.* Foster parents help acclimate dogs to living in a home after their stressful time in the shelter. Foster parents also get to know the dogs’ personalities and can help make the perfect match. Interested in meeting one of these sweet pups? Contact us!



    This 10 month old retriever mix is a big ole cuddle bug. His foster mama has nothing but good things to say about him. Remus absolutely loves other dogs and people. He is house-trained and kennel-trained, and he walks great on a leash. Remus adores bath time, and he is also a huge fan of car rides and going places in general. He is well socialized, and he is been taking to several outings with lots of people, including an outdoor concert, and he handled it like a champ. Remus already knows how to sit and lay down, and his foster mom is working on teaching him how to roll over just for fun. Remus still has some puppy in him, so he needs someone who understands that and can be patient with him as he works through the last few months of his puppyhood naughtiness (although so far, his foster mom says he has never chewed on furniture, only small things left out). Remus is happiest when snuggling with his human or dog siblings. This good boy is a real catch. If Remus sounds like he might be your dog in the making, contact us to set up a meet and greet!


    Darcy is a great dog! Darcy lived with her family until recently, when they had to move into an assisted living home that didn’t allow dogs. Darcy is a 9 and 1/2 year old good girl, and I am sure she was so confused by this move. Fortunately, Darcy was taken in as a foster by her vet at Windmill Animal Hospital, since they couldn’t bear to let her be euthanised. She is a spayed Blue Heeler mix. She loves cuddles, walks, car rides, and playing with puppy May. Darcy is great with kids, and OK with cats. Darcy would be a great dog for anyone, but she would especially make for a great starter dog for first time dog owners since she’s already so well-behaved. Darcy has a lot of life left to live and a lot of love to give to anyone willing to see her potential and give her that chance.

    Darcy will come with supplies to the right family. Interested adopters should contact Dr. Robinson at Windmill Animal Hospital at 325-698-8387 or to set up a meet & greet with Darcy.


    The lovely Miss Betty has been with her incredible foster mom for over a month now, and when asked to describe Betty, her foster asked if there was a nice way to say stubborn, hardheaded, hyper and dumb. LOL. Betty is a total sweetheart, but she will need someone who can be patient with her… quirks. Hey, don’t we all?

    Betty has almost mastered potty training. Poor Betty had some trouble figuring it out at first, because she was so used to being in the shelter where she would hold her pee and poop for daysssssss. She HATES going outside, but oddly enough she LOVES walks. She carries the leash around in her mouth. She was returned to the shelter twice, because one person had too many animals and another had life style changes. All Betty has known most of her life is a kennel, and now that she’s finally not confined all the time, she is starting to feel comfortable letting her inner wild child out. We do not think previous owners ever tried to train her. However, she is so sweet, we think Betty would make an AMAZING emotional support animal. She wants to be with you everywhere you go. She’s constantly wanting pets or cuddles, and she is very generous with her kisses. Betty is very playful and loves stuffed animals. Her favorite thing is socks tied together. She can play for hoursssss. She’s got so much spunk wrapped up in her 54 pound, 5-year old body. Betty is missing a top big tooth, so she’s got the most wonderful and hilarious underbite.

    Miss Betty tested positive for heartworms, but her heartworm treatment has been paid for by donations. Her foster mom has already started her treatments, and she is doing great. Whoever adopts Betty will need to continue to take her to the vet to finish her treatments, but the payment will be covered in full. Betty has been great with all 4 of her foster’s other dogs, as well as her cats. She’s also a sweetie with the neighbor kids! She can be a little mouthy and jumpy when she’s playing, so she would probably be too much for a small child. That said, every person who has met Betty Boo absolutely loves her, chaotic energy and all. “Because I tell ya, she’s walking chaos.” But a whole lot of love.

    If this crazy gal sounds like your kind of dog, contact us to set up a meet & greet!

*Adoptions of dogs in foster care will be processed through City of Abilene Animal Services unless otherwise noted.