Low-Cost Vaccine Clinics

All Kind hosts low-cost pet vaccine and microchip clinics on a quarterly basis in partnership with Frontier Vet Express and Abilene Animal Services. To register for our next clinic, click here.

Spay/Neuter Programs

All Kind is partnering with community-minded vets who care about helping reduce pet overpopulation in Abilene. One of the ways we are doing this is through “Snip-It Tickets.”

What is a Snip-It Ticket? Snip-It Tickets can be purchased for $30 and are redeemable for dog and cat neuters only.** Partnering vets will accept a Snip-It Ticket to do any size dog or cat neuter and include 24 hours of pain medication for the dog or cat.

Why should I neuter my pet? According to the ASPCA, animals that are neutered are less likely to stray since their instinct to mate is eliminated. There are also several health benefits associated with neutering your pet, including significantly reduced chance of developing testicular cancer or prostrate problems. Most importantly, neutering prevents additional puppies and kittens from ending up on our streets or in our shelter, which is the number one factor contributing to lower euthanasia rates in a community.

How It Works: A client with a Snip-It Ticket will call and make their own appointment. Partnering vets have agreed to provide an appointment within two weeks of the request. All animals must have proof of rabies vaccination to be eligible for surgery. A rabies vaccine can be added to the Snip-It Ticket at the time of surgery for an additional $10.

A note about what Snip-It Tickets cover: Snip-It Tickets cover a standard neuter surgery for a dog or cat with no complications. Clients are advised that any additional costs that may arise from surgery complications will be at the owners’ expense. Snip-It Tickets are for OWNED pets only. They are not available for pets in foster care. Community members interested in spaying/neutering a feral cat can take advantage of the free Community Cat Program (TNR) at Abilene Animal Services. More info about the Community Cat Program can be found here.

**A limited number of Snip-It Tickets are available for purchase in a given grant cycle. Clients can request to be added to a wait list to be notified when a new round of Snip-It Tickets are released.

Spay It Forward

While we don’t yet have a low-cost option for spaying female dogs and cats, we do have a “Spay It Forward” scholarship fund for individuals who need assistance getting their pets spayed. If you are interested in getting your female dog or cat spayed, please fill out an application here.

If you are interested in supporting the Spay It Forward scholarship fund, you can donate directly to this program here:

Other Resources

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