Join us in our mission to be kind to all kind. Our members help us make the statement that how we care for the animals in our community matters. We want responsible pet ownership and humane treatment of our homeless pet population to be part of the culture of Abilene. Your membership also helps us grow our organization and provide programming that moves us toward those long-terms goals. Financial support contributes directly to spay/neuter clinics, community outreach for affordable micro-chipping and vaccinations, as well as to fundraising efforts for the new Abilene animal shelter facility.


$35 – Loyal Companion: Voting privileges at annual members’ meeting; recognition on our website

$100 – Bosom Friend: Previous PLUS All Kind car decal; recognition in our newsletter

$250 – Trusted Confidante: Previous PLUS All Kind calendar

$500 – Kindred Spirit: Previous PLUS All Kind mug

$1000+ – The Guardians: Previous PLUS All Kind tote bag; 2 tix to annual Gala